The project: turn the damage into a creative tool

I always wanted to cut a record

Vinyl, also known as microgroove, is a medium that stores signals in analog sound and has become an important object to which we are all connected because excites us deeply. I want to continue the excitement, though of a different nature, for all disks without a future. It will be the scratches that have damaged the vinyl to transform it in the ideal medium to represent my icons. The surface of the microgroove will be further scratched to bring out the images from the black vinyl using the light tones.



Scratched vinyl artworks

A featured collection of recent works

The website is a gallery to show the artworks created for this project. Black attracts me in all of its forms, music, color, night, our dark side, the darkness revealing the light. It’s in the darkness that we can see the stars. From black vinyl combined with the passion for music, starts the idea of representing the black through light, using the image of musicians as inspiration and vinyl as technical support.



Best from scratched vinyl

Monica Franceschi

I am a graphic/web designer, visual communication specialist, illustrator, and a compulsive music listener. All the scratched vinyl artworks are unique handmade creations. Stay tuned on this website to know more about the future vinyl creation and if you are interested in Scratched Vinyl artwork contact me.

how to keep it

How to keep it

Like any vinyl these creations need to be preserved with great care, it is recommended to store them in a glass frame, or like a furnishings supported by a pedestal used for decorative plates. You can also hang it on the wall with a nail in the center.



Since the label center was decorated with acrylic or pastels you should not use any liquid substance or spray to clean the area. It will be sufficient wiped with a dry cloth or a dry brush.


Recycling the groove

Finding records damaged by scratches or grooves it made me think to turn this damage of scratches into a creative tool.



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In this section you can find the reviews about ScratchMyVinyl, interesting news about the World of Vinyl Records and anything that can inspire ScratchMyVinyl artworks


Scratch my vinyl creates record portraits of famous artists [source: designboom]

oct 2013 / review

Influenced by old records that are damaged by scratches, designer Monica Franceschi of ScratchMyVinyl, wanted turn this negative process into a creative tool. the series ‘I always wanted to cut a record’ features portraits of famous artists scratched onto vinyl...



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